Building a smarter, more resilient, innovative organisation through arts-based intervention education.

The Radical KM Institute offers certification programs designed to elevate professionals in their respective fields. Whether you are striving for a management role, looking to become a successful entrepreneur, or wondering how to do things differently in our volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous world, our training programs can equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to overcome challenges and excel as an expert in your chosen field.


[KM means knowledge management, which is about connecting people to the knowledge they need to do their jobs. It is ultimately about learning.

Radical KM is about going back to the roots of how people learn–playfully and creativity.]


The Organisational Learning Institute

A Unique Experience

The Radical KM Institute offers a comprehensive program that takes you from foundational knowledge to becoming a certified Radical KM professional. With our on-demand program, you can start learning today and advance your career with a new certification that demonstrates your expertise and commitment to growth.

Our certification programs

Designed to help boost your professional career

Through a Radical KM certification, we can effortlessly help you join other successful professionals in adding more creativity through arts-based interventions to the way you work.

Radical KM White Belt

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Through this aspect of the course we will introduce the concepts involved in Radical KM.

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Radical KM Green Belt

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Green Belt goes beyond the standard concepts in of Radical KM to utilise advanced tools in the industry.

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The benefits of the program

Program Benefits

Completing Radical KM certifications can significantly enhance your professional credibility within your respective field. Our certification program offers valuable credentials and knowledge that demonstrate a strong commitment to future growth and development in your chosen area of expertise. This represents an exceptional opportunity for professional advancement and skill enhancement. Furthermore, we collaborate with a diverse range of employers to ensure that we can extend these career-oriented certifications to their employees. Certification within your workforce can often result in noticeable improvements across the entire workspace, fostering a more productive and efficient environment.

Benefits for your career

Our brand’s Certified Radical KM programs provide comprehensive training on advanced skills in using arts-based interventions for professional and leadership development as well as organisational wellness, innovation, and team building.

Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to excel as a Radical Knowledge Management Practitioner.

How can this certification help you get a job?

  • Having a current certification like this one can stand as a significant aid to helping you acquire a new position. Showcasing your talent with a fresh certification like this could help you to qualify for a new position because you are demonstrating current skills certification.
  • It is very likely that your resume will be noticed above other candidates vying for the same position within a company. A current certification like this one can give you a distinct advantage over other competition in your job market.

Job retention through certification

  • The skills we provide in this program will help you to secure employment more readily and feel more confident in any organisation. Radical KM gives you the skills to be flexible and innovative, wherever you are. We want to make sure you can be ready to handle any interaction and feel confident as you enter into a new role. We want to ensure that you can access the best opportunities for career advancement
  • A recent certification showcases that you have a diverse skill set and that you are determined to stay current in order to add value to your organisation.

Personal Advancement

Earning a new certification can provide a new professional credibility to an organization or individual. This new certification can showcase your ongoing development for an employer.

This type of personal advancement also shows that you are always willing to learn the latest ideas for professional development in the future.


Personal Growth

  • Learning new skills emphasises the importance of adaptability, embracing change, and learning from failures. Individuals with training in Radical KM are better equipped to navigate and thrive in dynamic and evolving work environments.
  • Radical KM training encourages individuals to reflect on their own learning styles, preferences, and areas for growth. It fosters a mindset of continuous and self-directed learning, empowering individuals to take control of their own development and personal growth.

Increased Job Performance

  • Radical KM training provides individuals with tools and techniques to improve their job performance. They can apply their newly acquired knowledge to enhance learning processes, develop innovative solutions, and contribute to organizational success. This can lead to increased job satisfaction and recognition for their contributions.
  • Radical KM training enhances critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Individuals reactivate their curiosity and creativity which helps them learn how to analyze complex situations, identify underlying issues, and develop effective solutions—often solving problems that were otherwise unsolvable.
Who is this program for?

Who is this program for?

Obtaining an Radical KM certificate can position you as a direct expert in your industry. This certification has the power to instantly elevate your competitiveness as a professional. However, it’s crucial to understand which types of professionals in various business domains can benefit from pursuing this certification.


Team leaders play a critical role in facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing within their teams. By obtaining this certification, they can better guide their team members in developing new solutions to old problems, improve wellness, build trust, and create a culture of sharing and collaboration.

Knowledge Management and Other Professionals

Knowledge Management and other professionals can benefit from this certification by leveraging new ways of problem solving, bringing a more balanced and curious perspective to their work and their interactions with others. The skills and activities learned in Radical KM training improve talent management, employee development, and organizational learning, sustainable leadership, strategic decision making, and innovation initiatives. They can use the knowledge gained to create systems and processes that promote a culture of continuous learning.

How the certification works


Get certified Today

This course in Radical KM is available for all. If you are interested in gaining knowledge on Radical KM and applying arts-based interventions in your organisation then developing your skills and knowledge  through our courses is key. We offer an official certification for you. Applicants that pass through the program will receive a Radical KM   certification that demonstrates their understanding and mastery of Radical KM. The steps involved with the program include:

White Belt: Introduction to the ideas of Radical KM, basic concepts, how to get started

Green Belt: Advanced use of Radical KM for wellness, innovation, culture change, community building, collaboration, sustainable leadership, transformation.

Orange Belt*: How to bring the arts into your life for personal benefit.
Fuchsia Belt*: How to bring the arts into your team to benefit the team.

Purple Belt*: How to bring the arts into your organisation to benefit the organisation.

*These are advanced courses and are a mix of synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Create an account

We will need some basic information about you as you follow through the steps to set up your account. With your username and password set up, you can sign into the account to view new content on RadicalKM.Institute to further your learning. When you’re ready to conclude the program, purchase the assessment and test your knowledge!

Purchase the assessment

After receiving your materials with the free account on RadicalKM.Institute, you can verify your account via email and purchase the online voucher which is good for one attempt at the exam. The assessment is available one time for the price but you can attempt a reassessment if you are unsuccessful. A passing score of 75% through the exam is required.


Complete your assessment

The online assessment is a multiple-choice exam that takes place inside your web browser. An hour is allocated for the completion of the assessment and is designed to be completed by the candidate specifically. If you have your online voucher you can click below to enter your voucher number and start the assessment immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Radical KM Institute?

The Radical KM Institute is an industry-leading provider of Radical KM certifications.

It is an organisation founded by the creator of Radical Knowledge Management, Stephanie Barnes, in the year 2023. In order to provide a variety of asynchronous and synchronous learning opportunities for people interested in learning more about Radical KM and implementing it in their personal and professional lives and organisations.


The Radical KM Institute formed with the idea of offering assessment and training in an innovative new approach to knowledge management, Radical KM. It focuses on the radical part, i.e. creativity and arts-based interventions, so that professionals interested in doing things differently can learn about the methodology and receive support in bringing these ideas into their work and life.

As an organization it remains dedicated to defining, publishing and collecting knowledge around the concepts of Radical KM.

We want to form the most comprehensive courses and study guide on Radical KM.

Why certify with us?

The programs that we have are revolutionary and no matter how you are hoping to implement Radical Knowledge Management, we can provide you with a strong understanding of this methodology.

We can break down the organizational-level implications of Radical KM from experience and make sure that professionals can have the tools they need for rapid implementation and certification.

Is training attendance mandatory?

If you have a strong grasp of Radical Knowledge Management concepts and you would like to go straight to the certification exam, you can bypass our training materials.

We highly recommend that you read and study the guides that are available on our site. This is one of the most comprehensive training programs dedicated to Radical KM online. As the exam requires an 75% to pass, it is advisable to have a thorough understanding of Radical KM to get the best in results for the certification.

Does the certification require renewal?

Professionals may wish to recertify every 2 to 3 years depending on their chosen career path. Radical KM is a new field and is constantly evolving as new research and experiences becomes available.

Our certification is designed without an expiry date. We don’t want to create a certification that requires ongoing assessments every few years. We deliver a timestamp on each certification with the option to recertify using the latest learning resources based onf an employer’s requirements.

Can you verify and announced the certification?

When you pass the certification exam you receive a digital badge verifying your certification in Radical KM with the year that you completed the exam.

You can feel free to advertise and share this digital badge on online forums, resumes, email signatures, etc.

How long does the exam take?

The White Belt certification exam is a 20 question multiple-choice exam requiring 75% to pass. The exam has a timer of one hour.

How much does the certification cost?
The overall cost of the program is $150 and this includes a voucher for the certification exam. The certification exam is available for $150.
Do you offer discounts or re-attempts at the exam?

The cost of the exam is $150. We strongly recommend that each of our candidates go through the current study guides and other available materials so that they are prepared for the exam as discounts for re-attempts are not available.

The training material on our site has been designed to directly prepare any applicant for the exam so that they can get certified and be confident in their knowledge of fundamental blockchain technology. Jump start your career with the blockchain certificate today. You can be certified quickly!

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Use our study guide to prepare for the exam. Note that these resources form only a small portion of what is available on the web, and we encourage you to do additional research.

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